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Healing the WHOLE person: mind, body, spirit, heart!  Heather has over 8 years of experience teaching and healing through reiki, life coaching, and yoga. 

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Healing is my passion!  On every level - body, spirit, heart, mind - my experience and certifications equip me to provide the tools to heal and empower each unique individual.

(1) Reiki

(2) Yoga Healing

(3) ReVITalize and Rise: Life Coaching

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and healing on both physical and emotional levels.  It involves laying hands on areas that are injured or stressed and transferring healing, well being, and empowerment. 

The subtle energies addressed in Yoga Healing sessions involve our sense of safety, prosperity, self-knowledge, connection to something greater, fatigue or vital energy, grief, doubt or empowerment, etc.  These energies affect how our mind thinks and how our body functions at a cellular, organ, and system level.  


Reiki is for Everyone

Reiki is energy work that is beneficial for everyone!  It addresses well being and healing on all levels - emotional, spiritual, psychological, physical.  Typically, clients describe the feeling as serenity, relaxation, peace, well being, healing, empowerment, energy, and ease. 


Rei - "Higher Wisdom / Higher Power"

Ki - "Life Force"

How My Sessions Are Unique

My certification and training also includes Embodied Transformation and Yoga Subtle Energy.  So, my session include an initial 20-30 minute therapy session that allows us to talk about emotions, anxieties, and anything at all around which you would like to feel clarity, release, healing, or otherwise.  I offer tools, feedback, and a safe space in which we find solutions and create space for healing. 

After the emotional / coaching session, we have a full hour of Reiki energy healing.


About Me

My level I certification was in the mountains of Colorado Springs, CO.  My Master Certification was with Be The Change Yoga in Irvine, CA.

I have been practicing and giving Reiki healing for over 5 years.  It is a gift, a passion, and a joy.  

I am also a certified yoga instructor and life coach, with over 8 years of experience and continuing certifications in Anatomy, Subtle Anatomy, Energy, Spiritual Healing, and Embodied Philosophy (specifically working with PTSD and trauma), and meditation. 

I give workshops on Embodied Transformation, Habits of Happiness, and I work with private clients healing through physical traumas and injuries, emotional traumas (grief, PTSD, depression, anxiety, abuse), and also breaking through limitations and barriers to reach a higher level of Self Fulfillment and Joy.  

Nice to meet you!  I hope to have the honor and joy of working with you to create the satisfying and happy life that you desire. :)


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Feel free to contact me with any inquiries or questions that I can help with! I look forward to sharing the experience of Reiki with you. 

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